Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No More Prop H8

“Today’s decision was disappointing but not surprising, coming from the most liberal Circuit Court in the country,” wrote Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in a statement. “This Hollywood-funded lawsuit, which seeks to impose San Francisco values on the entire country, may eventually reach the Supreme Court. This is not about constitutional governance but the insistence of a group of activists to force their will on their fellow citizens."

I am sincerely sorry for your loss, Tony. God knows (no irony intended) you've all worked very hard, and poured your souls into this fight. I mourn the loss of your time and money.

Honestly, it's a shame that we can't all get along. I respect your right to religious freedom, your right to preserve family, your right to stand fast, moral fortitude intact. I am sorry that my lifestyle, and the lifestyle of countless others that I know, is causing you such grief and strife. I hope that you and yours aren't too saddened by this ruling, and that you aren't saddened yet again when this matter is taken before the Supreme Court, and they still find your arguments wanting. While the law may not be on your side, I hope you, I, and all others like myself can be friends.

Lol, just kidding!

Fuck you and eat my asshole, every one of you motherfucking fucksticks. I'm rolling around in the tears of your probably fat, sanctimonious, shit-headed brethren. I'm looking a tiny, lacquered Jesus hanging upon a crucifix right in the eye and flipping him off while I lick my future wife's cunt. Fuck you, fuck the church, fuck the bishops and cardinals and popes, RIGHT in their saggy, kid-fucking dickholes. And fuck YOU the hardest, Tony Perkins, you fucking fuck, you dipshitted fucktard, you god-awful shitstain of a human being whose skull is so fucking VACANT that you cannot see the irony in the phrase you used: "This is not about constitutional governance but the insistence of a group of activists to force their will on their fellow citizens."

I hope you read this personally. I hope my self-righteous vitriol burns through the flesh of your eyes like acid, right through the back of your skull. May my hatred for you and your bigotry, your smug perseverance, your insistence upon working so hard to cause such pain in others find you. May the young faces of Tyler Clementi, Billy Lucas, and Justin Aaberg, whose blood stains your hands, whose anguish is yours to bear, haunt your every waking moment from dawn to dusk till the day your rotten little cock drops off and the shriveled sac you call a heart stops beating. May you live a long, long life. And may you spend every minute of it reliving your sad, hateful failure, you runny rectal belch of a closet-case.