Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fuck Todd Akin, and Fuck "Pro-Life"

  • So all this rape garbage in the news recently has pushed me to the point of absolutely no return. Instead of a well-thought-out, articulate breakdown of why it's not okay to tell anyone else what to do with their uterus, I kind of fucking snapped on some stranger.

    I was browsing the ACLU's page, and good ole' Mikey (last name withheld, even though this fuckbag was on the very public forum known as facebook), and Mike was comparing those who "commit" and condone abortion to those that would commit and condone genocide. I kind of lost it. 

    Ariel McAnulty Man, Mike, your hand must be tired from writing checks for all these "babies" you'll never meet, carry, or raise.
  • Ariel McAnulty And, as a friend of mine said: "If men could get pregnant, you'd be able to get an abortion at the drive-thru in McDonald's."
  • Ariel McAnulty Also, with regard to (HA) "genocide": a blastula is not a person, at all, no person should ever be forced to be a baby machine, ever, and we're at, what, 7 billion people now? And how many of that 7 billion are already starving to death? Yep, that's what we need, MORE babies. MORE desperate mothers, more people on welfare, more unplanned and resented children. Magical!
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  • Ariel McAnulty Bottom line: no one else's body is your business. Mind. Your own. Goddamned. Business.
  • Mike  How about simply more personal responsibility, rather than killing people because you can't keep your pants on?
  • William ‎@Ariel McAnulty True of False "At one time you were a blastula?" Are you glad someone allowed you to become you?
  • Walter I wonder how many of the anti-abortionists here are prepared to adopt and raise the unwanted babies they're so eager to usher into the world? A show of hands please?
    August 23 at 10:56pm ·  · 2
  • Walter What's that you say? There's no such thing as an unwanted child? You don't say! Well then, tell that to the estimated 143 million to 210 million orphans worldwide.

    Ban abortion in the United States and we risk over 1 million additional orphans *per year.*

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  • Ariel McAnulty How 'bout it, boys? How many "saved" babies have YOU adopted, and taken care of, and paid for? Show them hands! @ Mike: that's what it comes down to, you thinking women who control their own sexuality are sluts ("keep your pants on."). You go home at night and jerk off to your sanctimonious bullshit ("I saved so many BABIES today!"), and then as soon as they're born, they conveniently leave your head. They leave your head, and a good number of them unplanned-for babies starve to death. An acorn ain't a tree. A baby's not a baby until it's born, and can exist on its own. Not only to you masturbate to your own "goodness" (cough: oppression of women), you do so AND get to maintain your perch up there on top of the patriarchy. You're not good. PLEASE don't think you are. It's sad, sanctimonious fucking garbage. You contribute to nothing but despair and oppression. @ William Fowler: A blastula's not a baby, it's an unformed clump of cells that is FAR from guaranteed a shot at personhood. Nobody gets lynched for exfoliating or having a haircut. See previous comment.
    August 23 at 11:10pm ·  · 1
  • Ariel McAnulty P.S. I have never been pregnant, have no intentions of ever being pregnant, and even I recognize that it's NONE of my business whether or not a woman is ready to raise a child. If you want to prevent abortions, advocate accessible birth control, and shoot down fucking abstinence education. Every state that advocates it has teen birth rates that are through the roof. Shaming women who are perfectly capable of deciding if they're ready to be mothers does nothing. They're not listening to your man-splaining.
  • Ariel McAnulty Also: if I were aborted, I wouldn't exist, so my "feelings" would also not exist, let alone be hurt. What a stupid ass thing to say.
    August 23 at 11:14pm ·  · 2
  • Mike  An unwillingness to raise your own child says more about your lack of character and integrity than it does about ours and the character of the flea bags you're having sex with...
  • Walter ‎@Mike: Where's your willingness to raise somebody else's child, moral giant?
    August 23 at 11:18pm ·  · 1
  • Ariel McAnulty Keep talkin', Mike. Your false colors (compassionate baby-saver!) are fading, and your real colors are coming through (women are baby factories that should listen to ME in my INFINITE WISDOM). You have no idea who I have sex with, yet you judge me. You are resentful that you cannot control women you don't know. You will never meet them, or their potential OR actual born children. Yet you try to control them. A million women could be having abortions right now *and you'd never even know*. You refuse to answer questions about all these "babies" you're "saving", so I'm guessing you don't adopt them all. Which means they stay with the likely broke-ass mothers that can't afford to raise them, which is why they were considering termination to begin with. YOU. Cause POVERTY. And DESPAIR. NOT this magical, stupid land where happy babies lead happy lives. You're a monster. P.S. $11 billion dollars a year is spent on public assistance for unplanned children. You're HELPING :D! Busybody, self righteous asshole.
    August 23 at 11:25pm ·  · 1
  • Ariel McAnulty Do yourself and EVERYBODY else a favor, and stop imagining yourself as captain baby-saver. It's a fucking sad lie.
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  • Mike Why is it liberals want us to take responsibility for their birth control, their abortions and their children? No, this on you asshole - grow up and be a man and take care of your fuckin' kids..

    Sounds like you have issues with your mommy Walter, and you Ariel, daddy didn't love you much did he?

    For the record, I did raise every child I sired.
  • Walter Those who would dispense with woman's choice like to play at being moral, but in reality *their* morality extends only as far as the borders of their imaginary ideological fantasy worlds.
    August 23 at 11:34pm ·  · 1
  • Walter  ‎@Mike: You're bringing my mother into it? That's desperate dude. Besides, I know a white flag when I see one. Have fun wanking to your ideology. ;-)
  • Ariel McAnulty D'awww, you think you're gonna make me CRY. Adorable. I'm Mike and I'm losing so YOUR MOMMIES AND DADDIES DIDN'T LOVE YOU DID THEY? Irrelevant. Sticks and stones may break my bones but you're still a fucking hypocritical douche. STILL no word on that giant mansion you're building for all of these unplanned-for children, Mike! Can't wait to hear about it!
    August 23 at 11:47pm via mobile ·  · 1

    ...No word from Mike after that.

    Of course I know that not all women who choose not to have an abortion give birth in shit-covered hellholes in a ghetto somewhere. Not everyone who gets abortions are poor, nor do they always choose abortion for entirely selfless reasons. Irrelevant. You don't know that persons circumstances. You will never meet them, or their unborn "child". You benefit not at all from "saving" babies. If you are "Pro-Life", all you do is shame women and attempt to influence their lives so you can go home and stroke off to your own perceived moral fortitude.  Let us not fucking kid ourselves.

    You are not pro-life. You are simply sniffing your own fucking farts. 

    Mind your own business, donate to charity, and do what fucking Jesus said. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sometimes that means leaving each other alone. Some women consider abortion, then change their minds, and not all of them wind up miserable, as I suggested in my rage. All that means is that having that baby was a good choice for THEM. 

    God, I need a fucking drink