Monday, August 24, 2009

Pardon Me, Is That Lipstick on Your Strap-on?

There is a serious lack of femmey blog outlets on the internet. I had no idea that lipsticks were such a joke amongst the general dyke community:

When exiting the tube station this morning I witnessed something I thought didn’t exist. I saw two lipstick lesbians kissing. Obviously I know of the existence of lipstick lesbians, I know they’re out there but I don’t know any personally and for some reason I always imagined lipstick lesbians as a species of trashy women who wear too much make up and dress in short skirts and ultra-high heels. I’ve always regarded Bette Porter and Helena Peabody as fantasies of Ilene Chaiken and I never for one second thought that there could be real life versions of them. I guess it’s just me mingling with the wrong crowds. -Dykes and the City blog post

Well pardon me for not slapping on the chucks, leather cuffs, and Got2B Spiking Glue. Don't get me wrong, I love me some butchies, but for Christ's sake I know there's some other women out there who can check out a girl's Manolo's as WELL as her ass. My life is AMAZING in that way.

Honestly, I'm very rarely attracted to skirts. I like my women brainy, brooding, and often addicted to Hugo by Hugo Boss. Gimme a dyke in a collared shirt with 47 K.D. Lang tracks on her iPod any day. Do not assume, however, that I will not rip off your ruched-silk bubble skirt, fuck you silly, then ask to borrow it in the morning. Just sayin'.

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