Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Homosexuality is a SIN


God Hates Sin

If you are looking, for the right to continue
in that which is clearly called a perversion,
then you have found the wrong site!
Homosexuality is a SIN period!
Not only that but it is unnatural
The same as sex with an animal is unnatural!

The Bible doesn't speak much of the sin of Homosexuality?
It also doesn't speak of incest or bestiality much more neither?
Guess you want to make them legal and not a sin also!


Not only, sir, is your grammar absolutely atrocious, but you paint such a hateful picture. Allow me a retort:

Now, how could such a happy, carefree creature possibly be evil? Deserve such scorn? Homosexuals are beacons of joy, you silly bigot :)

Spread love, not Christianity. Namaste.


  1. This really is a beacon of joy. I'm inspired to have my own dance party now. Rock on!

  2. sooo, all you guys at the party can put your winners in my hinder and cum in me and it's so much fun and natural and this has been going on forever so it's right..